APPSiDE Your App.  All Platforms.  One Link.

APPSIDE is a way for your to have a single link for your app across mulitiple platforms.

APPSIDE reduces a problem where users have a store logo, and a link, for every store your app is in. It can often look like this:

Jelly Run
now available on

APPSIDE creates the ability to reduce it to a single click if the app is available on the platform of the user, like this:

Jelly Run
now available

How about all platforms linked in less than 140 characters!

It can be as short as you want


Go ahead, click on them. You should be taken to the store for your current device. Now try the links from your phone, or your tablet.

No more listing every platform, no more updating everywhere. APPSIDE provides one place and one link for all versions. Streamline your call to action.

Users are automatically taken to the store page for their device. If their device is not yet supported, they are directed a default landing page, or your own prefered destination.

APPSIDE isn't about detecting your device on a web page. That was common place 10 years ago.

APPSIDE is about having a living breathing device independent link you can share in emails, encode onto NFC tags, or put as a QR code on posters, yet knowing it will always adapt to your users, even if you add new platforms later.

APPSIDE is launching later this year. Enter your email below to be notified when we go into closed beta.

APPSIDE also provides analytics informing you of all the devices trying to download your app, whether you currently support it or not. Plan your porting strategy to other platforms based on real demand.

Let's face it. QR codes are ugly, but at times a necessary evil. Putting a QR code for each platform on a poster is ugly. Not only that, if you add a new platform, the poster is obsolete. The alternative, a link to your website, will have less conversion than a link to the store page.

APPSIDE fixes that problem. One link, one QR code, one call to action. And if you add a platform, it works.

The link and the QR code will always direct people to the store if the app is available. no need to update marketing collateral just because you ported to a new platform!

Embed from a variety of widgets on your pages. Add or remove platforms at a later date, and know that they are updated everywhere.

With QR, without QR. With platform images, without. Maybe you just want to use a text link. The choice is yours.